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Why do I teach English?

Teaching English provides the opportunity to meet people and work in a team with teachers and students.
Adapting teaching methods to individual needs, passing on knowledge, and giving a skill that will permanently be theirs is rewarding.
Each new course/group brings excitement and the need to adapt teaching style to every student's personality and needs.
Watching students overcome their grammar anxiety, express feelings with confidence, and competence is incredibly satisfying.
Teaching English offers an infinity of occasions to have an enjoyable time in the classroom, from games to songs to videos to art and general interest conversation topics.
Teaching English allows for the passing on of love for the English language and the numerous cultural treasures found throughout the English-speaking world.
Through teaching English, I delight in meeting different people and having more complex exchanges with them in English, and I learn something new in most lessons, whether it be about language teaching or thanks to something a student said.

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