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My personal mantra: “live to learn, learn to live,”

 Lecturer in English: "Learn to live, live to learn" sums up my life philosophy. I regard education as an infinite process, with special interests in language, ELT, and Pakistani political discourse. Through my work, I hope to inspire in my students a similar love of learning and a curiosity about the world. I explore these themes on my blog at http://riazlaghari.blogspot.com.

Riaz Laghari

At first, I firmly believed that harsh discipline was required in the classroom, especially for younger pupils. I ultimately saw, though, that this strategy was ineffective since it made students fearful and disengaged. As a result, I looked into different approaches and found that encouraging a growth mentality and positive outlook were better tactics. I currently prioritize student engagement and active learning, inclusivity and diversity, fostering a growth mindset, and facilitation of student growth as my four guiding principles as an educator.

As I look back on my experience as a teacher, I realize how important it is to continue to be a learning and approach-adaptive professional. When it comes to what my former students would say about me as a teacher, I want to be remembered as someone who was dedicated to their academic success and all-around well-being and who inspired them to succeed in both life and exams. My personal mantra is “live to learn, learn to live,” and I try to inculcate in my students a similar zeal for lifelong learning.

Riaz Laghari

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