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Bring Back Miftah Ismail: Pakistan's Economic Recovery's Best Chance

 Bring Back Miftah Ismail: Pakistan's Economic Recovery's Best Chance

By Riaz Laghari


                                                                     Bring Back Miftah Ismail: Pakistan's Economic Recovery's Best Chance

I see firsthand how poor Pakistan's economy is on a daily basis, and it is heartbreaking. The IMF accord appears to be on thin ice since our economy is in a downward spiral. People are suffering as a result of the blame game. Miftah Ismail, though, offers some hope despite this confusion.

Miftah Ismail is a capable, caring, and practical finance minister who is the most knowledgeable about the economy. His dismissal was a mistake, and Ishaq Dar turned out to be a complete failure in his place. As a citizen of this nation, I implore those in positions of authority to reinstate Miftah Ismail and form a group of advisors that includes the brightest minds and economists who can assist him.

Pakistan urgently needs a finance minister who can get the nation out of its dire financial predicament. That individual is Miftah Ismail. He possesses the expertise, wisdom, and vision necessary to guide the nation towards a better future. Unlike his predecessor, he is aware of what it takes to bargain with the IMF and meet their standards.

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Pakistan's citizens deserve better. Someone who can offer security, wealth, and hope is what we need. It's time to give Miftah Ismail another chance because he can accomplish that. For the sake of our future, let's avoid making the same mistakes as in the past and follow the proper course of action. Make Miftah Ismail the Pakistani finance minister once more by bringing him back.

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