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The Peril of Idolizing Personalities

 The saying by Imam Ghazali, "Idolizing personalities is more hazardous than idolizing objects," serves as a reminder that those who do so run the risk of becoming blind followers and losing their ability to think critically. People have the capacity to reason and make decisions, in contrast to things, but when they are given a godly position, their followers view them as being infallible. These personality cults can be observed in a variety of political, religious, and entertainment contexts. Moreover, it may result in the exaltation of negative traits or deeds. Although not having a consciousness of their own, things can still be utilized to influence the thoughts and behaviors of others. The remark from Imam Ghazali serves as a caution against both types of idolatry and a reminder of the perils of unquestioningly adhering to anybody or anything.


"شخصیت پرستی ، بت پرستی

"شخصیت پرستی ، بت پرستی سے زیادہ خطرناک ھے 
کیونکہ بت کا دماغ نہیں ھوتا جو خراب ھو جائے 
لیکن جب تم انسان کی پوجا کرتے ھو تو وہ فرعون بن جاتا ھے".

امام غزالی

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